Bison Figurine

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There are two species of bison, one from Europe and one from North America. The North American variety is the largest land animal on the continent, and is divided into two species: one that prefers the plains, and another that prefers wooded environments. Due to conservation efforts, these huge bovines have been able to recover from the brink of extinction and are now a popular attraction for visitors to parks like Yellowstone National Park. Scientific Name:Bison bison bison Characteristics:Bison can sprint at speeds over 35 miles per hour, so don't let their size fool you. This bison looks like he's gearing up for a charge, so be careful! This hand painted, scientifically accurate model is packed with furry detail: shaggy in the front with shorter fur toward the rear of its body. 

At about 5 inches long and 3 inches high, this fellow is about the size of a soda can on its side. Just like a real bison, this figure is colored in various shades of brown. The Bison is part of the Wild Safari North American Wildlife collection Non-toxic and BPA free

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